It's not just the action-packed days at Wah-Nee that make it great! Every night brings something terrific to do.

We plan all winter long to bring you the most fun each and every summer night. Every year we visit the outstanding New Britain Rock Cats ballpark and have a blast there. We create many of our own homemade evening activities that feature the famous Wah-Nee "Sense of the Ridiculous"--things meant just to make us all laugh and have the best times together. Steve "Simon Sez" Max (a Wah-Nee favorite) is pictured below, bringing pure fun to all our campers and staff! One night after after another--it's non-stop fun and excitement at Wah-Nee!!

We have so many facilities available to us for night play, like our fantastic pool which shines like a jewel with the night lights on. We love to have Pool Parties, where we can just have a relaxing swim and share some munchables poolside! It's the very best on a warm summer night!
All through the summer we sprinkle in special events done the Wah-Nee way (that means full blast), like our Counselor Hunt, great Wah-Nee Theater productions, or the famous Auction, where your bunk can bid on and win original, creative "prizes" provided by our staff. We make our own great times here at Wah-Nee. Be sure that each night, whatever we have planned is for maximum fun!!

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