At Wah-Nee, we attract top level participants in every area, including sports. Athletes love playing on well kept courts and fields, which we have in abundance. Our coaches are top-flight, and we can satisfy athletic desires from the most modest beginners up through top players. Our sports program generates great enthusiasm and spirit all over camp. We teach not only skills, but many life lessons of tremendous value. We take great pride in how we conduct ourselves before, during and after every competition, even though we surely play to win. We have so many places to play all your favorite sports--and even some you may not have tried yet! We play to improve skills so we can be the best we can be, but our focus is always on having fun.

We specialize in creating enthusiasm for physical activity in every camper, from the youngest to the oldest. Whether you're the best, in the middle, or are new to a sport, our coaches and counselors will always make you feel comfortable. We seek to foster a lifelong love affair with athletics in every child, so they will always love to play and be active and healthy. For those who want to "put the pedal to the metal", we've got all you can handle! Morning til night, we're non-stop action, even under the lights!
Sports Facilities
    • 8 Tennis Courts
    • 5 Pro Basketball Courts
    • 3 Soccer Pitches
    • 3 Baseball Fields
    • 2 Roller Hockey Rinks
    • 2 Beach Volleyball Courts
    • 2 Regulation Volleyball Courts
    • Huge Indoor Gym
    • Olympic Size Pool
    • Gymnastics Pavillion
    • Fitness Center
    • Weight Room
    • Full Trapeze Rig
    • Climbing Tower

Our Wah-Nee Sports Code of Conduct governs everything we do athletically. Everyone wants to "win", but true athletes know how to handle themselves with grace and class. We teach these skills, even while achieving great results. It's a major part of our culture of values. Find the very best you have inside of you at Wah-Nee!

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