Wah-Nee offers first-class facilities for living and activities. Bunks are spacious, comfortable and well equipped with new bathrooms and showers. Our Dining Hall features truly outstanding food served family style by waiters & waitresses. We have a remarkable state-of-the-art Indoor Gym & Theater Arts Center (pictured here) featuring a special Taraflex floor with superior bounce and shock-absorption (kind to young joints!) It’s our Home Court for tournament play, and we use it fully every day of the summer. The air-conditioned Theater makes all our special events comfortable and fun. Our lake and pool combination are picture perfect, and our outdoor sports and arts facilities offer the greatest variety of first rate options for all our campers. If it's fun, we've got it! It's all here at Wah-Nee, great places to play waiting just for you!

We are committed to maintaining our camp in peak condition, spending many millions over the last 5 years to keep it that way. We have spared no expense in creating a world class camping facility--every playing surface is prime! We never stop working and adding. Every single program area—sports and arts—is in shape, ready for our campers to enjoy to the max, both day and night (lots of lights!) Best of all, our campus is easy to navigate. All sports & living facilities are in close proximity, so there are no long hikes to get anywhere (not always true in other places!) We take great pride in keeping Wah-Nee in the top echelon of summer camps. Come see for yourself with a tour of Wah-Nee! Schedule early, as tour slots are limited and do fill quickly.

Visitors who know the camping industry have stated plainly that Wah-Nee now has THE PREMIER INDOOR SPORTS AND THEATER FACILITY OF ANY CAMP IN THE UNITED STATES. There is no close 2nd! It's a huge and breathtaking multi-million dollar structure, worthy of any small college in the country. Indoor basketball, soccer, volleyball and too many other things to list! Perfect lighting. Our campers absolutely love playing, acting, singing & having fun here! Our Theater is equipped with remarkable seating, professional sound & lights, and whisper quiet air conditioning—perfect for summer entertainment! Schedule your tour today to see why Wah-Nee is the very best camp for your child. Great coaches and staff, superior facilities, strong values and an amazing program--it's all about FUN here! See you soon!


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