The most important thing to know about trips at Wah-Nee is that we don't do many of them! We believe in having fun right on our own grounds. The less time spent travelling, the better and safer we are. That being said, we still go out on some traditional trips each summer that are loved by our campers. We go to see our local minor-league baseball team, where we virtually take over the stadium, and enjoy seeing our name in lights on the Jumbotron. We also go to nearby attractions from time to time, just to appreciate the great area our camp is in! These become treasured experiences for our kids.

Our senior campers (going into 9th grade & up) participate in a 2 night/3 day trip to go whitewater rafting or jet boating. It is a highlight of their summer, and a life experience featuring a special active, participatory component of tremendous value. We believe such trips must always involve learning opportunities of unique value.


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