The living community at Wah-Nee allows us to do what cannot be accomplished at home. Living with peers for a full summer, we learn how to make and keep friends. We teach strategies that really work for getting along with & understanding others. Our main operating unit for campers is their "division"--usually 3 bunks of kids together in the same age group. We do things as a division at camp, and always work from the positive side to encourage the cooperation, respect and mutual understanding we seek. Beyond the bunk setting, Wah-Nee is unique in that our older campers are actively involved in being positive role models for our younger campers. We get to know one another camp-wide, and the result is an integrated community of caring and trust where everyone matters and everyone feels a part of something larger than themselves. It's another major "ingredient" in creating that indescribably magical feeling that makes each summer at Wah-Nee the unique experience it is. It just feels great--almost like a special privelege--to be part of such a warm and wonderful place!

Life's lessons learned at Wah-Nee are transferable to life at home, in school and beyond. Becoming an integral part of your division at Wah-Nee shows each camper what is possible when everyone works together. We create leaders for tomorrow who are confident that doing the right thing is always the best way to go. You will be so proud of the positive growth you see in your child every summer.





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