Rest easy knowing our Health Center is staffed 24 hours a day with a Doctor and full time Nurses on-site. Our Head Nurse Coordinator keeps you informed should there be a medical situation you need to be aware of. We have air-conditioned rooms for campers who need to stay over. A first-class hospital, Charlotte Hungerford, is 15 minutes from our campus. We are AED equipped, and our Medical Team takes great care of our kids all summer long--so no worries here!

Please call us with any specific concerns or special situations involving your child. We are adept at dealing with many kinds of medical circumstances. We'll be honest in telling you how we can work with your child to make them feel comfortable and at-home, and equally honest about what we may not be comfortable with. We accommodate kids with allergies (please call to inquire), and have a special capability to care for kids with Celiac's and other gluten issues.

We partner with Marlo Mittler, an outstanding, experienced nutrional counselor and child health expert. You will see her often on TV news programs like the Today show. She helps plan our menu, balancing our nutrional needs with our active lifestyle! We keep a kid-friendly eye on what we serve, with an emphasis on fresh local fruit and produce!

Security at camp is a primary concern for us all. You can be sure that your children are safe with us 24 hours a day. We have many different security tools we use, including live night security guards on our grounds (this is their only job with us--they are not counselors "on duty") For obvious reasons we do not publicize all our security measures, but know that we take every reasonable precaution to make sure our children feel safe and secure with us. Please let us know of any additional concerns you may have for your child.

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