We take a sensible, real world approach to activity and competition at Wah-Nee. Life is a contact sport, and we will all face competition in our lives no matter what we ultimately choose to do. What separates us is how we respond to challenges! We believe it is the role of a truly special camp to teach every camper how to manage competition in a healthy & positive way, whether internally or externally driven. We show how to handle and respond to both winning and losing. These are critical life skills for any competent person to possess, an important part of growing up!

Our counselors, instructors, group leaders, directors and owners all serve as important role models at Wah-Nee. If we preach it to the kids, then we live it ourselves by setting a proper example. They will learn as much about values through sports and physical activity as they will about skills. This builds character, confidence and inner strength in every camper--traits that will carry them forward in life. And we all recognize how important activity is for health--our goal is to develop a lifetime love of sport and activity by highlighting the fun and satisfaction in it all! This way, every camper can love being active without regard to ability level.

We make our campers feel great about whatever level of athletic participation they choose to pursue at camp--some want lots, others are more "low-key". We use sports as a great teaching tool that has positive impact and resonance in the lives of all our kids. It's a pressure-free, "can-do" approach to sports and all our activities that represents camping just as it ought to be.


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