Camp Wah-Nee is on magnificent Shadow Lake, and we're stocked with the world's greatest "lake toys"! We feature great sailboats, kayaks & canoes, windsurfers, rowboats, a huge lake trampoline, the giant "Freefall" in-lake climbing tower & slide, a great gizmo called the "Saturn" (trust us--it's outstanding fun!), giant bodyboards, "Magic Carpets" that let you walk on water, noodles, inner tubes, water polo, scuba diving and so much more! We just added new "Bellyaks" that the kids have had a blast with--a new-fangled flat kayak that lets us play lake soccer and other wacky games in our lake!! The water is clean, clear and pristine, and our white sandy beach makes it even more fun! There's always a cool breeze on gorgeous Shadow Lake--perfect on a hot summer's day!

Add our heated Olympic swimming pool, and we've got a waterfront that's second to none! We love to play water polo, pool basketball & volleyball, or just have a great time splashing around. Intercamp Swim Meets take place here. If it's warm at night, we flip on the lights for evening swims and pool parties!

At Wah-Nee we are obsessed with safety, especially at the Waterfront. Hal Rosen, one of our directors, has 40+ years as the Head of the Waterfront at Wah-Nee, and there is no substitute for the experience and professionalism he brings. Making each camper confident, competent, safe and comfortable in the water is the prime goal for Hal and the outstanding Staff of over 20 skilled Swim and Boating specialists. They teach a true appreciation for aquatics, and a healthy respect for safety principles. Every camper loves the water at Wah-Nee, even the most finicky swimmers (yes--even those who swear they'll "never" go into the lake!! ;-))


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