We feature a wonderful staff, with a stable core of key people who return each year to their summer home at Wah-Nee. We keep the many great summer traditions Wah-Neeites treasure fresh and exciting. Our nearly 2:1 ratio insures proper supervision and expert instruction.

We have 2 types of counselors--General Counselors and Specialists, and all live in the bunks with the kids (we average 3-4 counselors per bunk of 10 children). General Counselors travel with their campers while Specialists are instructors who spend their days teaching at their activity areas. All our counselors form strong bonds with the kids and are exceptional role models. A key requirement for all our staff is to have a sense of the ridiculous (fun!), and a great sense of humor to share with our campers.

Our staff is truly remarkable, a key ingredient in making Wah-Nee the very best place for your child. Our pre-camp Orientation Week is a very special program, bringing each counselor fully up to speed on every aspect of camp life. We have significant, high expectations of every staff member--and we enable them to rise and meet them.




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