Giving back to the community is a key part of being a good neighbor and citizen. Many of our campers, especially our high schoolers, take great pride in using part of their summer to help others in need. We team with Habitat For Humanity, FISH and other such groups to volunteer service each summer in creating homes for families or serving other community needs. It is a program of great rewards on both sides--our kids see what life is all about, and the people and families we help (who meet and get to know us) always show great emotion in thanking our groups for their hard work and generosity. It's a very special part of our culture of values, and makes spending a summer at Wah-Nee so much more meaningful for all of us. It's another way we make an important difference in the lives of our campers, as well as in our community.

Wah-Nee also has a strong charitable side. Each summer we host many children as guests of the Owners who would otherwise not be able to attend camps. These campers are identified through a variety of means, either internally through Wah-Nee connections or most notably through groups such as Focus for a Future. Children whose teachers and school administrators agree would benefit greatly from being in the Wah-Nee environment are offered the chance to be Wah-nee campers, not just on a one-time basis, but over the course of their youth. For these kids, it is a life-changing opportunity. Their presence adds a very important component to camp life in so many important ways for everyone we serve. It is generosity such as this that is a hallmark of Wah-Nee's heart and love for young people everywhere.


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