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Everyone who has ever shared a "Magical" summer at Camp Wah-Nee says the same thing..."It's just so hard to put into words, but this was the best summer of my life!" And while we all agree that you have to live it to truly know what this means, we can tell you this feeling is real and it is wonderful. It's like your favorite dish at your very favorite restaurant--you know you love it, but even if you know all the ingredients, you just can't get it the same way anywhere else! So we'll start by telling you all about our very special "ingredients"!!

The "Magic" begins with our people--a talented team of professionals committed to overall excellence in camping and working with kids. It's our most important ingredient and starts at the top--owners and directors who are teachers and role models, accessible, fun & warm. We have a mature staff of program heads who are committed to keeping the fun in teaching all our great sports and activities. Our core leadership keeps coming back year after year, just like our campers and staff--and that continuity matters! Round this out with a well-trained staff of counselors and specialists who love what they do and work together to keep the energy level high, the spirit soaring and the kids flying through summer! Wah-Nee Video NY Times Article

For good measure, let's put all these fantastic people in a facility with the best of the best--great places to play, top equipment, outstanding new buildings like our world-class gym & theater complex, our expanded athletic fields, gorgeous lake & pool, our new courts for basketball, tennis & hockey, in short--the best of everything. And then let's layer it with a grand variety of things to do--not just great everyday activities, but spectacular special events combining entertainers and athletes we invite to camp as well as a host of "homemade" events that keep us laughing, playing and never knowing exactly what is coming next! It's wave after wave of fun!

This makes the gift of a summer at Wah-Nee one that empowers your child to take important steps towards independence & self-awareness. When kids are comfortable and happy, they feel free to try new things. They learn to make good decisions for themselves (because we show them how--reinforcing good lessons you would want from home.) We teach important life skills, encourage social confidence and build team concepts of incomparable value--all in a safe place. Wah-Nee has character!

Where you choose to send your child to camp matters greatly. No two camps are the same, and results will vary--especially over the long run. A positive camping career can span 10 years or more! Lifelong friendships are started, nurtured and grow deep roots here. It's the people who care for your child, and the values they share, that make the greatest difference between camps--which is why you will benefit from getting to know us. Remember, it's not just about the first summer...you must even look ahead to teenage years! Wah-Nee is a very special place, and the best friend a parent can have--we are your partners in raising strong, happy kids who turn into competent, confident and caring adults.

Wah-Nee is a full-season camp rich in spirit, tradition and values, located in beautiful Litchfield County, Connecticut among the Berkshire Mountains. For 80 years, young lives ages 7-17 have been molded and enriched in the warm, nurturing spirit of family that you will come to appreciate as much as our campers do.

One look at the beaming faces of our campers tells it all! It's why over 95% return each year. By choosing Wah-Nee as your summer home-away-from-home, you're making the very best selection for you and your child (even if others charge more!) We make an important difference in the lives of our campers. We will honor your hopes and their dreams.

That's just a small glimpse into our special "recipe", and it's why we can say that Wah-Nee is truly "Like No Other Camp in the World." Discover our Magic for your family by enrolling your camper today!


We are obsessed with the safety of everyone at camp.

We are exceptional role models.   It's not enough to teach it... you have to live it.

We are fully responsible for your most precious possessions--and we deliver.


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