8:oo am Wake-up  
    8:30 Line up at Flagpole  
    8:40 Breakfast  
    9:10 Cleanup  
    9:35 Inspection  
    9:45-10:35 1st Activity Period  
    10:45-11:35 2nd Activity Period  
    11:45-12:35 Swim or 3rd Activity  
    12:45 pm Wash-up for Lunch  
    1:00 Lunch  
    1:30-2:30 Rest Hour  
    2:35-3:25 4th Activity Period  
    3:35-4:25 5th Activity Period  
    4:35-5:25 Swim or 6th Activity  
    5:35 Wash-up for Dinner  
    5:50 Line up at Flagpole  
    6:00 Dinner  
    6:30-7:30 Free Play Period  
    7:45 Evening Activities Begin  
    9:15-9:30 Bedtimes Begin  
(Curfews go later for older campers)

Rising at 8:00 for breakfast, we're into full activities by 9:45. We have 3 activity periods in the morning and 3 in the afternoon (weather permitting, we like to swim 3rd & 6th periods to cool off!) After dinner, it's Free Play--our elective time where campers get more of their very favorite things! Evening activity starts at 7:45 & there's always something great planned for each night. Our day is structured with everyone out & active every period, followed by fun-filled nights! Our amazing, sustained energy level is another reason why Wah-Nee is Like No Other Camp in the World! It's just better here!


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