At Wah-Nee you can reach for your artistic dreams and make them come alive in our 3 top-notch Arts areas! In 2011 we opened our expanded, brand new Art Studio, complete with wrap-around porch overlooking magnificent Shadow Lake. It features a new kiln and lots of open space for creating great work. Our kids have a say in what projects they aspire to work on, and our talented team makes it all happen in this great new facility! Our Wood Shop is where the only limit is your own imagination--we can build almost anything there! Finally, we have added an outstanding Fine Arts program that specializes in drawing, painting and work on a variety of creative media. Everyone can try their hand at watercolor, oils, and special fun projects that use inventive techniques. Whatever you do, be prepared to get your hands into your projects, and dazzle the home crowd with masterpieces. We coordinate projects between the Shops. Unlimited creativity and caring Staff makes our 3 Shops all prime destinations for our campers (even those without "fine" skills)—because it’s just fun in there all the time!

Our amazing state-of-the-art Theater at Wah-Nee allows every camper the opportunity to become a star of the stage. We encourage everyone to participate to their hearts content. Find your chance to shine in our high energy Theater Program. We put on one hit show after another, and sprinkle in great special theater events, talent shows, and some just plain silly, goofy fun nights where we all can share a great laugh together! The new Theater has professional Tech equipment—the best in lights and sound—along with real theater seats and air-conditioning! “Who could ask for anything more?" Come find your place under the lights—singers, dancers, musicians, serious (and not-so-serious) actors and actresses and even comedians will all be very happy here! And, it’s the best place for our “sense of the ridiculous” to come shining through!

Our performing Circus Team adds tremendous excitement to our Arts Program. We fly on the Big Rig Trapeze, and teach ground-based circus talents like juggling and diabolo. We just added new rigs, and now feature single and double trapeze, low trainers, Spanish Web, Hoop, "tissue" (beautiful long red flowing fabric) and so much more! The adventure is unlimited, and our Circus Staff is unequaled anywhere in the camping world! Truly amazing!

For you Dance fans, our Dance Troupe works out all summer long for their Big Show at summer's end, where all kinds of Dance are featured. Our beautiful, specially built Dance Studio has mirrored walls, bars, great teachers and everything you would want in a dance program. This is a spectacular facility just for Dance. Bring your dancing shoes, ‘cause we have it going on in there!!


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