Dave & Donna Stricker celebrated their 20th summer as the owners of Wah-Nee in 2013! Dave was a Counselor and Group Leader at Wah-Nee starting in 1977, returning with Donna in 1994 to continue the great traditions and values learned there--a dream come true! Over the years they have lovingly built Wah-Nee into the remarkable facility it is today--and the caring shows. Donna is very active all year, working closely with parents, campers and staff in many capacities. Dave & Donna are at camp all summer and know each camper personally. Together they bring calm leadership and experience, treating every Wah-Nee camper and staff member as if they were their own--the true meaning of family.

Harvey Mandell and Hal Rosen are the Camp Directors. Harvey started at Wah-Nee in 1969, met his wife Roni at Wah-Nee, raised his sons there, and is also our Boy's Head Counselor. He has been a premier role model at camp, a positive influence on thousands of children in his legendary camping career. Hal has also been our Waterfront Director, teaching campers for over 40 years at Wah-Nee. Together Hal & Harvey oversee our phenomenal staff, helping Dave & Donna make Wah-Nee the very special place that is. They are truly beloved by all who attend camp--a very special part of our Magic! Harvey is joined by Pete Sale on Boy's Camp--a true Wah-Neeite who hasn't missed a summer in over 30 years! Pete is highly respected on Boy's side, a fine athlete and a teacher during the winter months. He's also a great Dad whose 2 kids love their Wah-Nee summers!

Heidy Santangelo is our Girl's Head Counselor. She started at Wah-Nee in our Office, ran our Canteen, and in 2014 stepped into her new role as the Leader of Girl's Camp at Wah-Nee. Heidy has a bright, warm smile, tremendous energy and a great love of Camp to go with her long history of camp experiences (her Mom was also a Head Counselor!) Heidy has 3 boys at Wah-Nee, and together with her husband Fred they are living their dream of raising their family at Camp! She teams with Harvey and Hal to manage all aspects of camp life. Melina Arnberg joins Heidy as the Assistant Girl's Head Counselor, and Steve Bluth is our outstanding Girl's Athletic Director. Melina brings an impressive talent for fitness along with limitless energy, as well as a mother's touch--she too has 3 of her own at camp! All our campers love her fantastic Zumba classes!! Together, they make Girl's Camp the spirited, active and amazing place that it is, summer after summer!

Steve Bluth rejoined the Wah-Nee staff in 2009. Steve is our Girl's Athletic Director, and has a long Wah-Nee background as a camper, counselor and athletic specialist. For 20 years he was the Athletic Director at The Fieldston School in Riverdale, has coached in all sports, and is a 2-time NYS Coach of the Year in Basketball. He currently does the same work down at a new school in Florida! Now that his daughters are campers, Steve and his wife Jocelyn are once again an active part of the Wah-Nee family. He brings a unique energy and enthusiasm to our Girl's Sports Program, and raises the bar each summer for participation and enjoyment of sports at camp for every girl! Together with Pete Sale on Boy's Camp, they make sure all our sports programs are up to the important task of creating opportunities for all our kids to shine no matter their level of ability. There's something for everyone to love about sports and activity at Wah-Nee!!

Our Campus Leadership Teams are extraordinary! It's the reason we say "People make the Difference" at Wah-Nee!


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